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Working at Société VIA can help you reach your full potential and be a driving force in the world. In their own way, every member of our team does their part for the environment!

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Social integration is at the heart of Société VIA’s mission. Our company provides a respectful environment that gives people with functional limitations the opportunity to grow their independence in careers adapted to their needs.

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Recyclable materials

What kind of materials should a blue bin be filled with? Blue bins should contain recyclable materials only (paper, cardboard, glass, metal and plastic) and be free of unwanted products!

  • Paper

    Everyone knows that paper is recyclable, but did you know that it is the most recycled material in Québec?

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  • Cardboard

    All types of cardboard are recyclable, whether it is flat, corrugated or multi-layer. Cardboard products are entirely recycled in Québec to make new quality products.

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  • Plastic

    Plastic recycling has changed a lot since the beginnings of separate collection. Today, almost all types of plastics are accepted in the blue bin!

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  • Glass

    Contrary to popular belief, 100% of the glass that is collected is recycled! Broken, coloured and clear glass bottles as well as containers are all recyclable.

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  • Metal

    Metal containers and packaging are materials of great value that can be recycled an infinite number of times!

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Take on the "blue bin" challenge!

Do you recycle? You probably do! But do you sometimes look at an object that is about to be put in the bin and ask yourself: is this object recyclable? Should I rinse it before placing it in the bin? Is it worth the effort?

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How does it work?


Sorting more than twenty recyclable materials isn’t a simple task! Thanks to our latest investments, we combine manual, mechanical and optical sorting in order to obtain unsurpassed quality products, ready to be processed and complete the recycling process.


Once sorted, each material is compacted and baled into one-tonne bales. Each material is then shipped to a specific recycler who will process it and give it a second life!

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