Société VIA wishes to reassure citizens

Citizens served by société via sorting centers can rest assured that all recyclable materials deposited in the blue bin are sorted by category, then sold and recycled. société via, which operates sorting centers in lévis, québec city, saguenay and rivière-du-loup, would

Over the past few years, the recycling industry has evolved positively, and Société VIA is closely following the trend: major investments, partnerships and local market development, process improvement, high technology and public awareness. Together, these elements contribute to the sound management of sorting operations.

The portrait painted on Radio-Canada’s Enquête program does not depict the reality of our sorting centers,” says Jean Sébastien Daigle. At Société VIA, high quality standards remain one of our priorities. Over the past 3 years alone, we have invested several million euros in all our plants, always with the aim of optimizing our operations, while ensuring the well-being of our employees. After so many efforts to maintain the bond of trust with the public and our partners, we have to admit that certain events are still troubling the public’s confidence in our recycling subsidiary, and that’s a shame!

Better information for better recycling

Daigle admits that there’s still work to be done on many levels. “We must continue to work together and inform citizens about the right way to sort materials. To sort properly, we first need a quality supply. Indeed, the citizen who manages the contents of his bin has a crucial role to play in the recycling chain. Then there are the producers of packaging and containers, who must ensure that they make the right eco-design choices. Finally, as we often say, we must continue to develop outlets and focus more on the circular economy.

Together, let’s continue to recycle

The Société VIA team continues to focus on the quality of its products, making it a benchmark in Quebec’s recycling sector. Over the years, VIA has been able to innovate by remaining at the forefront of technology, while honoring its mission as an adapted company. Citizens served by Société VIA sorting centers can therefore continue to place their recyclables in the blue bin. If in doubt, consult the chart of accepted materials.