Sustainable resolutions… in small bites!

The festivities were copious and opulent? Now's the time to clear your conscience by making a few resolutions to get the New Year off on the right foot.

For a change of pace, why not swap the gym and fitness classes for an overhaul of your sustainable consumption habits? Don’t worry, it’s all the rage! Your commitments in this direction are likely to be warmly applauded and could even snowball around you! That’s exactly the effect we want, to change things one person at a time.

First and foremost, it’s high time we stopped relying on others to make the planet a better place. It all starts with you. In 2022, sharpen your environmental conscience – it’s urgent! The blue bin and eco-bags should have been part of your daily routine for a while now, but now it’s time to step up a gear.

Fighting over-packaging

A gradual shift to Zero Waste should be on the agenda for the New Year, which means paying attention to the way you consume, conserve and reuse. By taking small steps, you’ll find it easier to make changes in your life. Why not start with packaging? Over-packaging is still very much with us, and is amplified by e-commerce. This phenomenon deserves a closer look. In the interests of sustainable development, it’s important to analyze the way we consume, in particular by prioritizing local purchases, in order to generate spin-offs in our community. But we also need to think about the ways in which we acquire our goods. Parcel deliveries, whether for food or any other consumer good, generate an astronomical amount of packaging, boxes and bags of all kinds. Think carefully…

Better consumption

In addition to thinking about packaging, we’re also thinking about responsible consumption. Avoiding impulsive, even compulsive, purchases can already represent a significant improvement in our performance. Of course, sharpening our environmental awareness sometimes means agreeing to devote more time to certain aspects of our lives, particularly food. It’s also about making sure that what we put in the grocery basket is within our budget, isn’t over-packaged and is made from recyclable materials, such as cans and multi-layer containers, whenever possible. Cooking your own (ideally local) food to feed your household means devoting the necessary time to it, but you need to see this decision within a global vision that emphasizes nutritional qualities, the fight against over-packaging and the contribution to the regional economy.

Better fridge management

As such, better fridge management can not only save you money, but also reduce the amount of waste you generate. Make a grocery list based on recipes you’d like your family to enjoy over the coming week. The idea behind this approach is obviously to consume all the food you buy intelligently. You’ll get great satisfaction and interesting savings!


Clothes in good condition that you no longer wear can still be used. The same goes for furniture and other household or garage items. Sort through your belongings regularly to avoid unnecessary accumulation. If you don’t want to invest in reselling these items, community organizations will know what to do with them. Take it all to them, and they’ll take care of redistributing it to the needy. Take the time to do it, and you’ll see that this resolution will have a big impact!

Workplace Wellness Committee

Your workplace is not to be outdone: here too, efforts can be made. If you’re itching to get sustainable development right down to work, why not set up a wellness committee that can not only propose a formal policy, but also initiatives that bring people together, such as the creation of garden bins, the exchange of used children’s clothing and sports equipment, or a collective kitchen? One thing’s for sure: creativity will always have its place among the ideas you can put forward to change things!

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