A tour de force at the Quebec City sorting center

Sincere thanks to Machinex for its tour de force at the Quebec City sorting center. Société ViA would like to express its gratitude to its valued business partner, Machinex, who pulled off a masterstroke when the conveyor feeding the sorting center's main

In just two weeks, the well-known equipment supplier managed to replace the faulty machine with a brand-new, state-of-the-art conveyor. The incredible efficiency with which the Machinex team dealt with the situation prevented a prolonged outage.

Machinex pulled out all the stops to quickly remedy this highly problematic situation,” explains Yannick Lagacé, plant manager at Société VIA in Quebec City. A quick phone call to our long-standing partner on the morning of September 27 set off an extraordinary scramble to mobilize the troops in search of an optimal solution.

Conveyor trucking

Machinex engineers proved to be highly creative, quickly adapting a conveyor built in advance for another customer. In just a few days, the Machinex team succeeded in making major modifications to this equipment so that it would meet all the current and future needs of the Quebec City sorting center. The initiative was made all the more complex by the fact that the new conveyor had to be installed in a location that was extremely difficult to access, forcing the team to rival each other in ingenuity.

In the end, this new state-of-the-art equipment was designed and installed in record time: it was up and running by the morning of October 12. Machinex is a major Quebec supplier of sorting center equipment with a worldwide reputation,” notes Mr. Lagacé. This experience further strengthens the bonds of trust that unite Machinex and Société VIA. Our warmest thanks to them!