“Great improvement in quality” at Lachine sorting center

On October 17, Société VIA was entrusted with the operation of the Lachine sorting center. The Ville de Montréal acted swiftly to avoid a service disruption for the Montreal community.

Société VIA rose to the challenge of keeping operations running smoothly and diligently. The improvement in sorting quality was immediate, with the NPO succeeding in reducing contamination of mixed paper from 30% to 10% after just a few weeks, and continuing its efforts to bring the contamination rate below 5%. In addition to ensuring the continuity of operations at the Lachine sorting center by sorting 1,600 tonnes of recyclable materials per week, Société VIA is helping to create new adapted jobs in the Montreal region. In addition to this, to date the majority of materials are distributed on the local market, in line with the business vision pursued by Société VIA.

“Through the work we’ve accomplished so far, we’re very proud to bring Société VIA’s mission to life in the Montreal region. Our objective remains to keep the majority of our materials in the local market, to deliver the best possible quality of material, to optimize operations in line with current laws and regulations, and to achieve the highest industry standards,” said Jean-Sébastien Daigle, President and CEO of Société VIA.