Become a recycling pro… even while teleworking!

Work from home without losing your good habits! Become a recycling pro with our tips on how to dispose of your office supplies in an environmentally-friendly way. Adopt new sustainable resolutions today!

The last few weeks have been synonymous with adaptation for many people, with the imposition of telecommuting. Working from home doesn’t mean you have to lose your good habits. In fact, it’s the perfect time to make new resolutions, like becoming a recycling pro!

Ready to sort out your office supplies? We’ll help you find the best way to get rid of them.

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Whether they’re made of plastic or even cardboard, whether you’ve taken the time to remove the remaining ink or even separate the materials, pencils, pens, markers and highlighters should never be put in your recycling bin.

Find out about the various recycling programs offered by certain establishments, such as the one offered by Bureau en gros in collaboration with TerraCycle.

Some programs may currently be suspended due to sanitary conditions. If possible, store all your pencils in a box so that you can dispose of them in the right way when they become available again. If necessary, dispose of them in the garbage can.

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For paper, our best advice is to use the 3Rs technique.

Reduce. Before printing, ask yourself whether it’s really necessary or whether you can just display the document on screen.

Reuse. If you have sheets that are printed on one side only, use the reverse side to take notes, or give them to your children to express their creativity. Plus, you’ll have a pretty picture to hang in your office!

Recycle. Put your paper in your blue bin for recycling. For shredded paper, place in a transparent plastic bag. This will make the task of our sorters much easier, as well as preventing it from being mistaken for a rubbish bag.

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With or without windows, paper envelopes can be recycled. However, beware of padded envelopes, which unfortunately cannot be recycled. Have you thought about giving them a second life?

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Computers, monitors, printers and ink cartridges should never end up in your recycling bin. Find a drop-off location near you using Recyc-Québec’s Ça va où? application.

And for those times when you have to go to the office, remember to keep up your good sorting habits.

If you use disposable masks, find out how to dispose of them properly. Recyc-Québec offers a list of companies that recover personal protective equipment. In all cases, out of respect and to ensure the health of our sorters, do not put them in your recycling bin.

If you can’t stop yourself from craving a cup of coffee on the road, take your cardboard glass home and put it in your blue bin. Another simple gesture that everyone can do!

Whenever possible, prioritize reuse, and when in doubt about the best way to dispose of an item, consult our Recycling Charter or Recyc-Québec’s Ça va où? application. Our sorters thank you!