Our foundations


Founded in 1977, Société VIA’s mission is to create employment for people with functional limitations in an environment facilitating their integration and adaptation.

As a non-profit organization, Société VIA is a social economy enterprise that is very active in its community. The name of the company is related to its social mission and raison d’être : Vie (Life), Intégration (Integration) and Apprentissage (Learning), which is the explanation for our acronym “VIA”.

Through its innovative actions, Société VIA wishes to become a source of inspiration for responsible environmental management.

Our evolution

Since the beginnings of its activities in 1977, Société VIA worked in several different areas, such as food production and registration services, before specializing in office paper recycling in the 1980’s and separate collection in 1992. Thanks to the innovative spirit and leadership of André Poitras, who served as the company’s CEO for more than 33 years, Société VIA’s activities in the recycling industry never ceased to expand. In 1992, our production was 6,000 tonnes annually and today, our company sorts and processes more than 100,000 tonnes of recyclable materials per year.

Our values

  • The individual: Placing the individual at the heart of our success, capitalizing on the potential of each one of our employees and gathering everyone around a common vision.
  • Our partners: Developing and maintaining strong partnerships with socially responsible partners who allow us to challenge our own limits.
  • Value creation: To get the maximum value out of the products we process by differentiating ourselves by the high quality of our products.
  • Innovation: To constantly improve our methods by integrating the latest technology and approaches, so we can adapt to the reality of the market and improve our performance.
  • Transparency: To communicate relevant information in a transparent manner, allowing everyone to mobilize around the issues related to our industry.