Hold a regular position in an adapted company


For a worker who has held a position in a regular company all his life, some reluctance may be felt at the idea of working in a suitable company. How will the interactions go? Will I feel like I belong? These thoughts are legitimate, after all, novelty can lead to uncertainty and generate fear.

That’s why we want to share with you the point of view of an experienced employee in a regular position within a suitable company.

Michael Bergeron, manager of the Quebec City factory, has been working with VIA workers for several years now.

About his experience in adapted companies, he tells us:

“Being in contact with people with functional limitations on a daily basis reduces prejudices and removes taboos. After a while, we no longer see the difference, they are co-workers in the end. It’s rewarding for everyone to share very positive work experiences.

In my relationships with my colleagues, I never saw myself as a boss. I am a collaborator who allows us to join forces to move in a common direction that makes everyone satisfied with their achievements.

Various advantages accompany working in an adapted environment. We work on the well-being of the individual, it is a very human cause. Naturally, it feels like you’re doing something right. In itself, it gives a sense of pride on a daily basis.

No need to fight to assert your points to have social benefits or have a better work-life balance. The very foundation of this organization is human-centered.”

We strongly invite those who put well-being at work and the value of people at the center of their priorities to live an adapted corporate work experience.

So many beautiful moments await those who go there!