A new image for an ambitious team!


Société VIA is very proud to welcome you to its new website. Our team has realized a complete renewal of our brand image over the past few months to better reflect the dynamism and innovation of our activities, which are in constant evolution since 1977.
This new web platform marks a major step in the renewal of Société VIA. Our site is meant to be a gathering of useful and relevant information about our company and our activities as well as recycling in general. We invite you to explore the content of our website and to test your knowledge about recycling with our blue bin challenge!

A new brand image to better reflect our dynamism!


After the recruitment of a new employee responsible for communications last year, our social economy enterprise continued its fast evolution with the unveiling of its logo and a new slogan last spring. Société VIA also made an important change in its team. Jean-Sébastien Daigle, former Vice-President of Operations, was chosen by the Board of Directors to be our new CEO on July 4th. He succeeds André Poitras, who held this position for 33 years and decided to retire.

Jean-Sébastien Daigle, our new ambitious CEO


With his experience at Société VIA as Vice-President of Operations, his training in industrial engineering and his MBA, Jean-Sébastien Daigle embodies the spirit of renewal and dynamism of our company’s management team. He wishes to accelerate our growth through innovation and the improvement of the quality of the sorting and processing of recyclable materials.

“With our huge investments of about $20 million in the past five years and several more major projects to come, we wish to become the leaders in the recycling industry in Québec”, says Mr. Daigle, Société VIA CEO.