Investments of $3 million for the recycling centre of Lévis


At a press conference held in the recycling centre of Lévis, Société VIA and RECYC-QUÉBEC announced major investments of $3 million to improve the quality of its newspaper sorting, which is currently the best on the Québec market.Société VIA, which currently shows a superior performance in the recycling industry thanks to, among other things, its processing capacity, remains the leader in Québec when it comes to the sorting and recycling of paper, cardboard, metal, plastic and glass.

“We produce sorted newspaper of the best quality available in Québec”, said André Poitras, Société VIA CEO. “We proudly provide over twenty big Québec manufacturing companies in different sectors with our products.”

This investment enabled new high technology production equipment to be purchased, like optical readers with jet of compressed air. These pieces of equipment improve the quality of newspaper sorting and make our activities more cost-effective. The profits will be entirely reinvested to improve constantly our recycling centres.

Coming from an investment of $1 million from RECYC-QUÉBEC to support the upgrading of recycling centres and a business loan provided by the Centre financier Desjardins, these investments allowed for the creation of 6 permanent jobs and the improvement of our employees’ work conditions. Mr. Poitras says that “now, the work is a lot less physically demanding for our employees. We have their well-being, health and safety at heart.”

“RECYC-QUÉBEC is proud to give financial support to projects that aim to develop circular economy in Quebec. The innovation and dynamism that Société VIA shows in the modernization of its sorting equipment will help to giving recyclable materials a second life and avoid them ending in landfills, while giving its partners the opportunity to also benefit from these investments and innovate. This project will result in a reduction in greenhouse gases and an enhanced coordination of companies to ensure a more profitable and responsible management of resources in Québec”, according to Mr. Dany Michaud, CEO of RECYC-QUÉBEC.

Lévis Mayor Gilles Lehouillier, who attended the conference, was very happy about the organization’s project: “It is very inspiring for us to see our partners like Société VIA invest massively in their facilities to constantly innovate, so they can help create and maintain jobs in our region. Congratulations on this promising vision that will certainly allow this company to stay a leader in its field.”


From left to right: Jean-Sébastien Daigle (VP of Operations at Société VIA), Dany Michaud (CEO of RECYC-QUÉBEC), André Poitras (CEO of Société VIA) and Gilles Lehouillier (Mayor of Lévis)

A committed company

In addition to being a prosperous and eco-friendly company, Société VIA encourages local economy. In fact, our company works in partnership with several other Québec companies like Benolec in the insulating fibre industry, Cascades for paper and cardboard and Soleno for plastic.

Société VIA hopes to raise public awareness about the importance of recycling more by supporting the population to ensure that we live in an economically and environmentally healthy society. “Citizens see recycling as an easy way to get involved in the fight against climate change. It is also relevant to mention that separate collection is 18 times cheaper than waste landfilling or incineration in our region,” according to Mr. Poitras.