An efficient sorting goes a long way!


In the context of an awareness campaign about recycling, the Régie intermunicipale des déchets du Témiscouata (RIDT) and Société VIA’s recycling centre launched a series of radio spots called Qui trie bien, va loin! (an efficient sorting goes a long way!) featuring students from Desbiens primary school in Dégelis.

The goal is to raise public awareness about the good practices to adopt when it comes to the separate collection of recyclable materials.

The ads answer certain questions concerning what materials should be put in the blue bin and sent to Société VIA’s recycling centre of Rivière-du-Loup. For example, what should we do with old and broken Christmas lights? Unfortunately, they cannot be recycled and must be put in the garbage! They can cause the recycling centre equipment to break down.

The ads talk about several topics depending on the time of the year. They will circulate during the holidays season and other moments when the level of residual materials production is at its highest, like spring time because of spring cleaning, or the beginning of the school year 2017.

The RIDT would like citizens to listen to these ads on Horizon FM and consult their collection calendar to know everything about the recyclable materials that go in the blue bin. You can visit their website and their partner’s:

We would like to thank Gilles Caron at Horizon FM and Michel Bois, school principal of Desbiens primary school in Dégelis, for their invaluable assistance, as well as our young narrators, Félix, Annabelle and Éloise. We also would like to thank the entire population for making your everyday actions count! An efficient sorting goes a long way!